Republican Overreach

I know, I know nobody warned about Democrat overreach during Abu Ghraib.  The problem is that the Obama Administration is deft at information control.  Remember the Obama birth certificate issue?  Obama watched as many people created theories about his birth.  He knew they were wrong, but instead of squashing this he allowed it to fester and grow.  Then he put out the document and labelled all republicans as conspiracy theorists.  It is working well for him currently as he argues that the  republican response to the scandals in Washington are nothing more than politics and conspiracy theorists.

The republicans need to remember this and wait until the facts are out.  Overreach is going to be the mantra.  Barack Obama controls the information.  The mainstream media will do everything in their power to point out every claim by republicans that ends up being incorrect.

The boy who cried wolf is instructive.  When it is real it will be that much harder to convince America.  Get to the bottom first, then lay blame.  The President will easily make you look bad later if the facts don’t add up to speculation.  That is not necessarily fair.  The mainstream media will be happy to help him out.  This will also be good for you when a republican is in charge and a scandal happens.



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