Meet the Press?

David Gregory is a good journalist.  This can be seen when he is interviewing republicans.  David Gregory is a third-rate hack journalist.  This can be seen when he is interviewing White House staff like Dan Pfieffer.

Dan Pfieffer was asked about all three current scandals.  He was allowed to give an answer and some follow up questions were asked to elucidate the points made.  He was barely challenged or pushed.  Then Senator McConnell was up.  David Gregory was pulling quotes from 1987.  He was combative.  He didn’t allow any explanation go unquestioned.

When interviewing republicans Mr. Gregory looked like Joe Montana leading his press team down the field.  When interviewing Dan Pfieffer he looked like Al Bundy reminiscing about his high school football days.

We should realize that politics drives news coverage.  It is inevitable.  If anybody told you Fox News or MSNBC didn’t push a certain ideology then you would laugh.  Why then does NBC, CBS, and ABC get a pass?  They push themselves as non-partisan watchdogs.  It is obvious that this is not true.  They are more ideologically receptive to liberal arguments.  That is who they are.  That is life.  The disservice they are doing is when they try to hide this.  I know when watching Fox News and MSNBC to discount what they say based on their ideology.  When watching NBC, CBS, and ABC we have to guess at to what part ideology plays.  That is a problem.  This is why people question when the heads of these news divisions are related to people high up in the administration.


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