Drone Warfare and Benghazi

As more details emerge about Obama’s drone policy, a more worrisome picture seems to be developing.  It is hard to intelligently discuss a policy that is being purposely kept from even top lawmakers.  However, when details do leak out they seem to paint an ugly picture.

Even though there are a myriad of topics that could be discussed on this issue I’ll just point out one inconsistency that seems to have cropped up in my mind. In the aftermath of the Benghazi attack the administration seemed to be arguing that drone footage alone does not give you an accurate picture of what is what is happening on the ground and because of this further intelligence is needed to act.  However, when targeting persons for death who are not in a theatre of war the administration seems to have no problem relying on drone video alone.

Again, without accurate information outlining the policy, its justifications, and its actual uses this is all just speculation.  Hopefully, if enough inconsistencies emerge then Congress will have enough popular support to actually force the White House to participate in meaningful oversight.

What can be stated now is that the administration’s refusal to share information with Congress is unacceptable.  The administration seems to conflate the executive branch’s broad authority on foreign affairs into the authority to hide its actions from Congress.  Just because you have the authority to set the policy and make the decision does not mean that you have the authority to hide the facts.


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