Tax Day For Me

Today I filed my federal and state income tax returns.  It’s always interesting to learn exactly how much of my money goes to the government.  This year I paid 29.79% of my income in state, federal, and local taxes.  Of course, this is excluding all of the fees, surcharges, sales taxes, and other various items of taxation.  This means that I work approximately 4 months out of the year for “the common good.”  I understand that roads need to be built.  I understand that a standing military is a necessity.  I also understand that  assistance to the poor is a necessity.  However, it seems to me that a bipartisan consensus can be formed around eliminating all forms of government waste. Senator Coburn and the GAO have found billions of dollars of waste in our federal programs.  The government needs to get its house in order and root out this waste.  Then we can then root out the fraudsters. The billions saved would be well worth the effort and may help me get back a portion of those four months.


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